This project has received funding from the European Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement 688329
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Nanonet-based sensors for medical applications


Nanonets2Sense is an EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Action (RIA) which develops a new technological approach for the 3D CMOS integration of label-free sensors for medical applications.

This technology is based on nanonets, another name for random networks of nanowires. Indeed, nanonets feature all the advantages of thin crystalline nanowires in terms of electrical properties, while being suited to the fabrication of devices by standard, low-cost, microelectronic technologies.

Two model molecules will be used to evaluate the potential of this technology in applications like breath analysis for diabetes monitoring, and circulating tumour DNA detection for cancer monitoring. While the potential applications are clinical, the research carried out in the project is technology focused. The project coordinator FMNT is already making and studying nanonets. Now the researchers must determine whether the nanonets can be integrated onto CMOS circuits in a way that meets stringent compactness, efficiency, and cost demands.

A strong consortium, with partners of perfectly complementary expertise, has been built to this end. It includes two academic partners (FMNT in France and KTH in Sweden), a foundry and large company in the field of sensors (ams AG in Austria), an SME working on gas sensing (ams Sensors UK Ltd in UK), and the European Sinano Institute.

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